Accelerated Reader is the reading incentive program that we use with First through Sixth Grade at Beaufort Academy. The program is just one of many tools that we use to promote reading at our school. Students are encouraged to gauge their success by how much they have improved each trimester, not by competing against other students. Students in the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grades use AR quizzes to show they have made their commitment of reading three different fiction genre titles over the course of the school year. Want more details regarding the Genre Contract? Link to the Genre Project page.

You can link to the lists of AR quizzes that we own below. These quizzes are sorted three different ways; by author, title, and book level. Please be aware that BA's ownership of the quiz does not automatically constitute BA Library's ownership of the actual book.
*These lists are updated annually. Last update - 8/8/13.

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